Friday, 30 March 2012

SOLD! price: one laptop

An excellent ploy I say-giving laptops free of costs to the students of Punjab! I mean I am just impressed! There used to be a time when we used to buy entire villages for just a plate of 'daigi biryani' and bottles of coke! What has it come to now? Laptops! But yeah that's understood even the cheap whores standing on the roadside charge more with time and we are no less than them whores now!

give me a laptop, plaster a sticker of 'SOLD' of my forehead and move on- the line is pretty long you may have to sell half your empire to buy them all. But no wait! Wait! Wait! wait! They are giving us something that was always ours! RIGHT? But why would I want a laptop if my family doesn't even have access to the basic necessities? In fact where am I going to charge the damn thing! 12 hours of load shedding later? Why of course!

Inflation has hit the nation!

Even them politicians face the toll! Imagine! If my mom goes on shopping and instead of buying food for the month she buys a shiny toy for me I would be happy for a few hours but then eventually I will scream for food! You get the analogy? Why of course we are all so smart! We all get it but we will still be SOLD. No?

A better thing to do to win our hearts would be to actually give a DAMN about us! Solve our basic problems! Food. Water. Electricity. Education. Health. and yeah then if you have some left over funds you can buy us laptops. One major problem with our politicians today is that they are trying too hard. Imran Khan has such an impressive following not because he is giving out candies! It’s because there is substance to what he actually says! Others need to take a leaf out his book!

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