Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Load shedding tears

Dil jis ko diya who england chali gayi

Pyar jis se kiya woh Italy chali gayi

Dil ne kaha khudkhushi ker lo

Hath switch mein diya tu bijli chali gayi

When the federal minister for water and power Naveed Qamar announced to the awestruck nation that there would be no more load shedding from 7th February onwards, I was one of very many to believe this farfetched remark. It is fascinating to note that from that day on, instead of there being no load shedding, it actually has picked up to an extent that was never seen before. Abbottabad alone, the city where I sit writing this seemingly frustrated piece, witnesses over 12 hours of load shedding each day. The capital of KPK, Peshawar, observes an outage for every alternative hour of the day.

Were it a true democracy and its Minister would have broken such a blatant promise, there would have been questions asked, the minister would have been held responsible for hoodwinking the people. But no! Welcome to Pakistan, welcome to country where we accept without questioning, welcome to a nation that can be swindled by anyone and everyone, be it the military, be it the corrupt politicians or be it criminals, welcome to Pakistan. The way this country is being run, the way it is being exploited is disheartening.

Most disturbing is the attitude of our people towards the entire predicament. Instead of going out on the streets, protesting, they laze in front of warm fires making up such forward messages as written above. True they are bored but they are not this helpless, no nation can ever demand their rights by ignoring the problems that they face. It is time that the nation should act in a way befitting a democracy. We will forever remain a developing country (read failed state) if we do not, ourselves, do something to save this country. Load shedding is one of many issues facing this country, united we can deal with them, but by ignoring and disregarding them completely we won’t get anywhere.

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