Monday, 1 October 2012

The Horrors of Our Modern Feudalistic Socitiey

It is interesting to note the current political standings of PTI and PML-N. A year ago we could see PTI gaining some fast ground, evolving as a convening point for the youth of this country while PML-N was staggering, befuddled by the so called Tsunami and the change in political climate it harbingered. PML-N being a party with a strong political acumen and a history filled with shrewd mass-moving ideology has, it seems, steered clear of the devastating effects of this political tempest. Building on the motor way made a decade back, the PML-N seems to believe that infrastructural developments are the easiest way to capture the eye of the public. Who cares about the educational and health policy of Imran Khan when it is not there in substance? Our myopic public seems to have decided that new bridges, laptops and a glittery new metro system are key indicators of a developed country. I believe that we have not let PML-N and its strategists down; we have once again proved to be materialistic whores who can be bribed into anything.
The feudal system of the past has metamorphosed into a far horrendous form in our ‘civilized’ cities. The status quo remains the same; the class difference has exacerbated over time. Our politicians seem to have resisted any change whatsoever to their feudal mindsets: if we educate them who will we rule? Therefore we, as a nation, have forever been denied education, those who revolt against this status quo, are crushed and discarded to be forgotten and in some cases to be made examples of. Imran Khan, is the most recent protagonist against this existing system, and the system is doing all it can to shun him away. When I went through the educational and health policies that PTI recently presented, my only concern was: who would allow him to implement these policies? They are good, no they are EXCELLENT! For a change these policies have been drafted by people who have strong educational backgrounds, superb professional experiences and the necessary political foresight to implement these policies and not by the usual failed politicians.
I am no expert but from what I have observed I believe that only education is going to help our country at this stage. Starting from today it would take an entire generation to run its course before we see any considerable improvement, it is an investment I concur, but a mighty good one. It would ensure our survival and would make sure that our economic and political future is secure. While infrastructural developments (read building bridges and metro bus systems) are signs of developed nations, they sure are just superficial if THOSE are the only investments a nation is making. Especially in a country like Pakistan, major investments have to be made on making sure that the public has access to basic necessities like education, health and food. Imran Khan has to resist these power-mongers and make sure that he does all he can to one day implement these policies.