Tuesday, 26 April 2011

our failing, falling Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Sleeping under the open sky, Imran Khan is a text book example of a leader with a vision, a man with a heart, a visionary with perspective and a human with a conscience. It makes us all sad when we think how the USA has been crossing all possible lines; known, unknown and some which may not even exist but are still there. Terrorism which emerged as a global phenomenon has been USA's prime stance when it decides to invade other sovereign states. When we 'invented' Pakistan, we wanted it to be a state where Muslims can live in peace, where people from all religions can live in harmony, where we will be sovereign and independent. What we did not intend on creating was a weak state which would flounder, fumble and eventually fall in the hands of those who aim at destroying it. It indeed brings tears to my eyes when I think of how we have, for our own benefits, for our own personal gains sold this country; we have been eating away at its very foundations for the past six decades. This has to stop! Someone has to stop this!

We live in a country where people are not safe in their own homes. You never know when a bumbling missile might land in the middle of your mud house and blow the bodies of your innocent children into a million miniscule particles. It’s true that we have one of the best military forces on the planet, but what’s the point if we cannot even defend our own children? what’s the point if other states can twist and manipulate this force into something that their objectives can benefit from? are we this helpless that even our own strengths will be used against us?

Why are we fighting a war on behalf of someone else when we cant even afford to feed a major proportion of our population, provide basic facilities of health and education, when we don’t have money to buy fuel for our power plants and our industries are shut up as there is neither gas nor electricity to run them. Our defense budget keeps on exceeding all imaginable thresholds and currently consumes more than 500 billion rupees most of which would contain money from taxes. These taxes are, unfortunately, paid only by a single class of people as the lower classes don’t have anything to pay and the upper ones refuse to pay a penny. We are thus utilizing the hard earned money of our working class to fuel a pointless battle and its time before this working class realizes this and we see a further gruesome affair
It is time, I believe, that our leaders start thinking in a clearer fashion, it is time that we stop juicing our working classes, it is time that we stop this blind massacre of our own people and it is time to re-enact the original philosophy and ideology of Pakistan. We are soveriegn and independent nation and it is time that we prove it to ourselves and the world!

Published on April 28, 2011

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